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What the Philadelphia Eagles need to do during this year’s Offseason

There are many things the Eagles need to accomplish during this years offseason.

First off, Eagles need to get rid of 30-year-old defensive end, Connor Barwin. This will free the Eagles cap room a lot. According to Steven Cook from, this will free about $8 million in cap room. They could sign a couple new players they need using that.

Second of all, the Eagles desperately need cornerbacks. Lucky for them, the draft will provide a variety of cornerbacks. This could improve the Eagles defense a lot. There are also cornerbacks that are in free-agency such as, 27-year-old Malcolm Butler, 26-year-old A.J. Bouye, 27-year-old Trumaine Johnson, 26-year-old Logan Ryan, and more.

Third of all, the Eagles desperately need receivers. The receivers could come from the draft, or free-agency. The draft provides wideouts such as John Ross, whom is a star from the 40-yard-dash at the NFL Combine. Ross got a 4.22 40-yard-dash. There also receivers from the draft such as, Mike Williams, Corey Davis, Curtis Samuel,  JuJu Smith-Schuster, Zay Jones, ArDarius Stewart, Malachi Dupre, and many more. Free-agency provides receivers such as, 27-year-old Alshon Jeffery, 27-year-old Terrelle Pryor, 30-year-old Pierre Garcon, 30-year-old DeSean Jackson, 26-year-old Adam Thielen, 31-year-old Brandon Marshall, and more.

Fourth, Eagles really need a Running Back. There are running back’s from the draft. As well as free-agency, such as, 25-year-old Le’Veon Bell, 31-year-old Adrian Peterson, 24-year-old Isaiah Crowell, 26-year-old Eddie Lacy, 26-year-old Chris Thompson, 27-year-old Latavius Murray, 30-year-old Jamal Charles, and 32-year-old Danny Woodhead, as well as more.

Fifth, Eagles need to trade 26-year-old, linebacker Mychal Kendricks. This could free up about $7 million in cap room. Meaning we could get another linebacker or two using the money from him. Or even just save it.

Last of all, get rid of 30-year-old quarterback, Chase Daniel. This could free up $7 million in cap room. Meaning we could sign a quarterback or two. Or even trade Chase Daniel.

By doing all of this this could free up about $15 to $25 million in cap room.

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