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2020 NFL Draft: Rasul Douglas and Andre Dillard potential trade bait

With the 2020 NFL Draft impending, it was reported by Derrick Gunn of NBC Philadelphia that two players may be used as “possible trade bait”: Rasul Douglas and Andre Dillard.

“For the past several weeks, they have been dangling Rasul Douglas, trying to trade him. There has been no takers in that regard, and if that is the case, there it goes again: another Eagles high draft pick that didn’t pan out.

I was also told Andre Dillard had been dangled out there as possible trade bait, to a couple of teams, and on a couple of occassions, the information came back: ‘Not interested at this particular time.'”

Although Dillard’s potential and tangible performance last season had seemed like enough to keep him on the team, concerns surrounding his fit as an Eagle aroused recently, according to Gunn.

Nonetheless, it is expected that the Eagles don’t pull the trigger with any of the players Thursday. However, the same can’t be said about the succeeding draft nights.

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