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Are you a Philadelphia Eagles’ fan? Do you like to keep up with the latest Eagles’ news, contracts, e.t.? If so, the The Eagles Feast is for you! We currently run a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account, as well as a YouTube channel. If you follow us on any those accounts, you are guaranteed to receive instant and accurate Eagles’ news.

The Eagles Feast was launched in March of 2017. Currently, majority of our income is affiliated with Google AdSense and Amazon. The first major update of this site was released in early 2018 – it distributed an easier navigation, a better format, a forum, other spam-protection software, an SSL (a secure connection), and finally, a paid-domain name.

We are trying to improve this site as much and as best as we can. We would greatly appreciate if you would share this Eagles site with your friends, family, and NOT COWBOYS’ fans, LOL!