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So… who is the Eagles’ punter?

During the offseason last year, Philadelphia Eagles’ punter Donnie Jones was competing against Cameron Johnston for the starting punter job. And as expected, veteran Jones won it. Shortly after the start of the offseason this year, Eagles’ released punter “Bag of Bones” Jones.

The question is, is who exactly will be the punter for this upcoming season?

Cameron Johnston.

Johnston looks to assume the role of the starting punter job, who attracted Doug Pederson’s eyes last year during practice.

During the punter’s time in college, he had a 46.7-yard average, which was first in the Big Ten, and fifth in the nation. According to Philadelphia Sports NBC, he set the Buckeye record for most punts inside the 20 yard-line (109), and the most in a single season (31 in 2015).

Johnston’s highlights at Eagles’ practices are as follows:

Didn’t show much, but his leg looked good, haha.

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