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Should Darren Sproles be in the Hall of Fame?

Earlier last week, Eagles’ running back announced he’s hanging up his cleats after the 2018-19 NFL Season.

The 5’6″, 190 lb running back is no. 8 in All-Time Purpose Yards in the NFL, and looks to assume no. 5 by the time next season is over. If so said is done, he will follow behind Jerry Rice, Brian Mitchell, Walter Payton, and Emmitt Smith in that category. All four of those players were nominated into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but only three were officially inducted – Brian Mitchell wasn’t, who was a return specialist from 1990 to 2003.

In December of 2016, Sproles also broke the record of being the first player in NFL history with 30+ receiving touchdowns, 20+ rushing touchdowns, and five total kick and punt return touchdowns.

Sproles will end his career with more than 22 rushing touchdowns and 3366+ rushing yards, and more than 30 receiving touchdowns and 4,656+ receiving yards.

Are his stats good enough to be inducted into the Hall of Fame? You decide…

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