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Dallas Goedert believes he’s a top-four tight end in the NFL, aims to be a starter

Philadelphia Eagles‘ tight end Dallas Goedert displayed great confidence when answering questions–deserved-confidence.  During a sit down interview with Bob Ford of The Inquirer, Goedert admitted his desire of being a starter, though he did accept the fact that Zach Ertz is and will be.

“It’s kind of a tough question with this offense,” said Goedert.  “Obviously, I’d like to be the number one tight end, but with Zach, that’s not likely.  I’d like more targets, but then we’ve acquired DeSean [Jackson] and all that.  I’m just excited to keep building on my game, and being on the field more.”

During his rookie season, 2018, Goedert registered 33 receptions for 334 yards and four receiving touchdowns, obtaining a PFF grade of 73.7.  Goedert did a more-than-adequate job when playing on the field last season, nevertheless.  He also assumed much-needed blocking skills at the Eagles’ tight end position.

In the interview, Goedert also said he’d start for 29 other NFL teams after being asked.  “Hmm, that kind of puts me on the spot … But I’d say 29.”  Goedert then said that he thinks there are only three tight ends in the league better than he:

“Yeah, I haven’t beat out Zach yet.  And I’ll give it to [Kansas City’s] Travis Kelce for being Travis Kelce.  And I’ll give it to [San Francisco’s George] Kittle.  What he did last year was pretty impressive.  I’m not saying I’m not better than him, but he had a pretty good year,” Goedert said.

[via TheEaglesWire]
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