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Corey Clement’s Super Bowl catch was indeed a touchdown

It’s already been nearly four months since Super Bowl 52. Where the Eagles and Patriots faced off in Minnesota at the U.S. Bank Stadium. As you probably already know, Eagles won, but with some controversy pertaining to the “bad” officiating, as most butt-hurt fans refer to it as.

The “bad” calls include a dime to RB Corey Clement for a touchdown, through a small opening in tight coverage. The officials called it as a touchdown, while the controversy says he didn’t get his left foot in bounds while retaining possession of the ball. However, there are some images and videos showing Clement retaining possession of the ball while clearly getting his two feet in bounds. NFL released a video of the game’s officials explaining how it was a catch here. The image of Clement clearly getting his two feet in bounds is as follows (after advertisement):

A video of Clement’s touchdown (detailed) is as follows via Twitter:

The next controversial call was the ‘Philly Special’. Which was a a snap to RB Clement, and then a short backwards pass to TE Trey Burton, who then threw it to QB Nick Foles in the end zone for a touchdown. Though, controversy says it was an illegal formation. Explanation of more about the formation, and how it was NOT an illegal formation is here.

The last controversial call includes a pass to TE Zach Ertz, who let go of the ball while diving in the end zone, but caught it again after he did a barrel roll. It really shouldn’t be controversial, considering it’s obvious he was a runner and got more than two feet down prior to diving in the end zone. If he got less than two feet down, he would then be ruled a non-runner, which means when he let go of the ball, meaning it was incomplete. But that wasn’t the case, so it was a fumble and he recovered it. A video of the touchdown (detailed) is as follows (after advertisement):

Make sure to link this article to every single person or Patriots fan that claims one of these calls wasn’t a touchdown.

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