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4 quarterbacks the Eagles can sign to substitute for Nate Sudfeld

As many Philadelphia Eagles’ fans already know, backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld suffered a broken wrist during his first preseason game of 2019 on Thursday night. The 25-year-old fell on his left wrist awkwardly. He required an air cast and cart-assistance to get off the field.

Sudfeld played a great role for the Eagles in the preseason, developing the youngins and rookies. So losing him for majority of the season obviously isn’t ideal for Philadelphia. Eagles are going to have to obtain another quarterback to backup Carson Wentz in lieu of the next man up, Cody Kessler.

Kessler hasn’t displayed enough to make the Eagles confident in him being the backup to Wentz. Additionally, the Eagles want to find a veteran quarterback, given the vulnerability Wentz is to getting injured again.

Luckily for the Eagles, the quarterback market isn’t too dissatisfactory… Below (following advertisement) is a list of quarterback options for the Eagles’ now-open backup position:

Colin Kaepernick

There’s really no gap in terms of Kap’s likeness among NFL fans—you either love him or hate him. I guess a large part is political-related. But politically absent, Kap has the ability to play a great role as a backup, in spite of his probable desire to start.

Kap’s best year was in 2013 with the 49ers; he threw 21 touchdowns for 3,197 yards, and eight interceptions. That same season, Kap took San Francisco to the Super Bowl, opposing the Baltimore Ravens. The Niners lost that game.

Regardless, Kap hasn’t been in the league since following the season he took a knee during the National Anthem (2016). So it may not be the Eagles’ best option, as they favor profound locker room chemistry.

Sam Bradford

An ex-Eagle is also on the market—Sam Bradford. Maybe the 31-year-old can make the same rounds his ex-teammate Nick Foles did as the Eagles’ backup in 2017, haha.

Also to mention, the Eagles have a tendency to berth former players on their roster (see: Nick Foles, Vinny Curry, DeSean Jackson), so them signing Bradford wouldn’t be shocking per se. Although perhaps the Eagles may go in a different direction if you account for the unfortunate fact that he may want a lot of money, as he always does.

Sammy Sleeve’s best season was in 2016 when he threw 20 touchdowns for 3,877 yards, and only five interceptions. He ended up getting injured that season, per usual though.

I wouldn’t be surprised by any direction the Eagles take in terms of signing Bradford.

Josh Johnson

The only reason most Eagles’ fans know who Josh Johnson is is because of his role in Washington last season after Alex Smith got hurt. Johnson ended up taking a few snaps against the Eagles, however, it was by-far not his best game—they got shutout by Philly, 24-0. Not like we Eagles’ fans cared much at the time, as we were all frequently checking whether the Bears allowed us a playoff berth.

Unfortunately for Johnson, his best season was just last season when he threw for a whopping three touchdowns, complimented by four interceptions. You can say the 590 passing yards was the cherry-on-top.

Jokes aside, Johnson might be the right option for the Eagles. They certainly aren’t asking him to start, as they already have a healthy Wentz. Nonetheless, if he does have to take a few snaps, the Eagles have much better weapons than Washington did last season.

Brock Osweiler

Yup, Brock Osweiler… Wouldn’t be the worst option for the Eagles, but probably not the best.

The former Bronco, Texan, and Dolphin quarterback hasn’t had the best career—his best season was in 2015 with the Denver Broncos; he threw ten touchdowns for 1,967 yards, and six interceptions.

But for the millionth time, the Eagles aren’t seeking a starter. Needless to say, any quarterback with the weapons the Eagles have would do a somewhat-decent job. Thus, Brock is someone who the Eagles should really consider.

Who do you think the Eagles should sign? Maybe they can get Mark Sanchez to come out of retirement, ha.

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Laura Kreschollek
1 year ago

Please use ur head and for God sakes whatever other options there is please please dont bring that Ahole Kapernick to the Eagles nuttin but trouble and a disgrace to the city of Philadelphia that is really 1 of the biggest mistakes you wld ever make in football… He really stinks hes no good thats why nobody wants him.. Hes a major distraction to football in general.. And wwe get bad publicity as it is n he would only contribute to this… What he has done to disgrace our National Anthem.. And Betsy Ross Flag.. This is an insult to… Read more »