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Should the Eagles release/trade Mychal Kendricks?

Mychal Kendricks has been heard popup in Eagles news here to here, but not as much as this offseason, ever since the Philadelphia Eagles started to shop around with him in the trade block lately. There is no guarantee he won’t be back with the Eagles next season though, he’s been on the trade block for a few years now; he almost got traded last offseason. Good thing Howie Roseman decided to keep him because he improved tremendously. If so, why are the Eagles shopping around with him?

The 27-year-old linebacker is costing the team $6 million next season, which is tied with Nigel Bradham whom did better than he did this past season; he really isn’t worth what he’s paid. Eagles’ newly added linebacker Paul Worrilow for example, isn’t paid nearly as much as any other Eagle linebacker but is capable of being a starter more than Kendricks probably is. Many people think of the word scrub when they hear Worrilow’s name, but really, he isn’t all that bad. Last season he had only two less tackles as a backup than Kendricks did as a starter in the 2016 season. During Worrilow’s rookie season, he had a whopping 127 tackles, and 2.0 sacks. Only to have 142 tackles during his second year. In the 2015 season, Worrilow then had 95 tackles, which is still pretty good, (more tackles than any other Eagles linebacker had this past season). Unfortunately, in 2016, Worrilow lost his starting job for whatever reason, and managed to get in 21 tackles. Then increasing his number to 30 tackles this past 2017 season with his former team, Detroit Lions.

Worrilow, age 27, looks to gain his starting job and talent back, but that can only happen if Kendricks leaves, which is somewhat expected at this point. Personally, I want Kendricks to be released and save the team $6 million unless the Eagles receive a good trade offer. And if Worrilow doesn’t end up capable of replacing Kendricks, we always have newly signed Corey Nelson, whom had 68 tackles in 2016, before being put to rest with a season-ending injury in 2017. Both Linebackers seem capable of taking on a starting job.

What should the Philadelphia Eagles do with LB Mychal Kendricks?

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