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Report: Eagles favor trading Nick Foles to Jaguars

During ESPN Postseason NFL Countdown on Sunday morning, NFL Insiders Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen delivered some information to fans regarding rumors about Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

Pertaining to the reports that the Eagles are expected to franchise tag Foles, Schefter stated, “It sounds like the Philadelphia Eagles are going to use their franchise tag on Nick Foles. The question is how they get there. They can pick up a $20 million option a week after this game and then Nick Foles could buy back his freedom for $2 million, at which point the Eagles would franchise [tag] him. Or the Eagles could simply just save him the $2 million and just go ahead and tag him … never pick up the option and say ‘We’re gonna tag you right now.’ That’s up to the two sides to figure out the best way to move forward. But the bottom line here is that the Eagles ARE expected to use their franchise tag on him and they ARE expected to try to trade him so they can help dictate where he winds up.” [via Bleeding Green Nation]

Team wise, Mortensen already has a team in mind that the Eagles reportedly want to trade Foles to – Mortensen stated, “And where he winds up, I think what the Eagles would like to see is something develop with the Jacksonville Jaguars, because John DeFilippo is now down there as the offensive coordinator. He was the Eagles’ quarterback coach a year ago when they won the Super Bowl. But Foles knows, and his representatives, that this is a business. He’s not going to play nice nice with the Eagles. They don’t want him to go to the Giants or the Redskins — although it was noted to me they let Donovan McNabb go to the Redskins one time and that didn’t hurt them — so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. But that’s the goal, is not to let him go inside the division, and the Jaguars being hopefully the team that gets him. And what do you think is the draft pick?” [via Bleeding Green Nation]

In Schefter’s original ESPN report, he stated, “The Eagles refused to specify any of their plans for Foles. But being that other teams already have inquired on Foles’ price, and it is expected to be around a third-round pick, the way for Philadelphia to secure the quarterback’s rights this offseason would be with a franchise tag.”

If the Eagles were to trade Foles to the Jaguars for a third-round pick, they could land the 71st overall pick or the 95th or 96th overall pick (Jaguars received from Rams via trade).

Eagles happen to have a pretty good drafting history in the third round – since the year 2000, the Eagles have drafted standouts like RB Brian Westbrook, Foles, DT Bennie Logan, LB Jordan Hicks, LG Isaac Seumalo, and CB Rasul Douglas, all in the third-round.

Nevertheless, the Eagles could trade for a player rather than a draft pick. In a report we did last month, it’s possible the Eagles could land running back Leonard Fournette.

What the deal could look like:
Jaguars receive: QB Nick Foles & a pick
Eagles receive: RB Leonard Fournette

However, this happening is quite unlikely. Fournette, age 24, is pretty much another Jay Ajayi … he’s an elite, young running back that can’t remain healthy.

Who/what would you like to see the Eagles trade Foles for?

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