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Which Eagles’ Players Feasted And Who Didn’t? | Week 16

Not a good game, definitely not. But again, a win’s a win. Which Eagles players were the reason for their inferior victory?


S Malcolm Jenkins – Definitely a big help. Seven tackles and a fumble recovery. If it wasn’t for his fumble recovery, Raiders could have gone down field and scored a touchdown and they wouldn’t have lateraled the ball the last play and let Eagles score. So Raiders probably would have had a much greater chance of winning without Jenkins playing for the Eagles on defense.

DE Chris Long – Long was definitely a big help, he forced a fumble forcing the Raiders to lose yardage in a crucial situation that could have led to the Raiders scoring. Also had two good tackles and a nice sack.

CB Ronald Darby – Darby was probably the main reason we won the game with his outstanding pick that led the Eagles to taking the lead with under a minute left in the game. He  also let no big catches happen to the receiver he was covering.

LB Dannell Ellerbe – Made his debut today with four tackles, including a big one for a big loss. He definitely came to play today. I would definitely prefer him then Goode and Walker.

RB Jay Ajayi – Even though he gave up a decent amount of yards in the second half, his first half skills he showed was a big help. He had a passing touchdown that put us on the board.

Eagles 2nd Half Defense – The Eagles 2nd half defense was amazing. Probably best defense I’ve seen the Eagles play this season. Eagles defense had two interceptions, three fumble recovers, and a decent amount of sacks. The defense really stepped up to help us take victory away from the Raiders in the second half. Props to them.


QB Nick Foles – Let’s just be honest; the dude sucked. It’s scary thinking we are going to the divisional round of the playoffs with Foles leading us. Poor Wentz, he had to sit back and watch his horrible backup refuse to scramble for whatever reason, miss big passes, and throw three feet above his receivers.

CB Jalen Mills – Surprising. Jalen Mills did not help a bit. He gave up a huge touchdown pass that left the Raiders receiver wide open. Shame on him. Could have been a Eagles win, 13-3 if he didn’t give that up. We should bench him for Rasul Douglas.

RT Lane Johnson – This is also a surprise. Probowl RT Lane Johnson couldn’t even stop Khalil Mack from getting to Foles. He also had two or three penalties (can’t remember), including a big penalty when Blount ran for a nineteen yard gain.

P Donnie Jones – Bad day for Donnie, he average about 42 yards a punt today which isn’t that good, especially when it’s a big game for the Eagles.

K Jake Elliott – Yeah, he did have the game winning kick, but the Eagles could have just kneeled if he made his first 31 yard field goal because we would have the lead with only 49 seconds left.

Eagles 1st Half Defense – At least we didn’t let them score twenty points in the first half like let the 2-12 Giants do last week.

Again it’s not like our defense is horrible. Letting a 6-8 game score ten points isn’t that bad. The cowboys let them score 17 points last week. Plus, the Raiders were 12-4 last year. Hopefully something good happens at practice this week in preparation for next week.

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