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WATCH: fight breaks out between Eagles fans after first preseason game

Despite their profound passion for sports, Philadelphia isn’t always the most pleasant city. Sometimes not even the “City of Brotherly Love”—two Eagles’ fans got into a massive fight following the Eagles’ first preseason game of the 2019 season.

The video made rounds on Twitter this morning. According to Dan McQuade of Deadspin, it’s very possible that there was more than just one fight.

“It’s a 2-on-1 battle, with fans wearing Carson Wentz (11) and Jeremiah Trotter (54) jerseys taking on another dude,” McQuade stated. “After a few punches, both Wentz and Trotter attempt to escape. Wentz appears to succeed, but Trotter is wrangled by security guards. Also, a bunch of narc dogs come into frame? Sure, why not.”

Carson Wentz (11), the “winner” of the fight, comes up again to the person in the white shirt and slaps him in the face, then steals his Eagles hat after also calling him a “dumbass.”

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