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Usain Bolt says he’s willing to play in the NFL for the Patriots or Packers

Professional Olympian and arguably the fasted man in the world, Usain Bolt, said he’s willing to play in the National Football League, however, only for two teams: the Packers or Patriots.

Recently, TMZ conducted an interview with the 20-time gold medalist and offered to put his 6-5 wide receiver-esque frame to use, with the “condition” of it being either with the Patriots or Aaron Rodgers.

Bolt said, “If the Patriots or Aaron Rodgers call me … I’m ready!

“If teams do inquire with the 33-year-old, it wouldn’t be the first time… In fact, he received several offers from NFL teams to tryout for a roster position in 2016, before respectfully declining.

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No way that happens