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Spoiler: shocking result for Jeopardy! contestant James Holzhauer on Monday

A Jeopardy! spoiler was leaked on Sunday afternoon about 32-day champion James Holzhauer, of which some may not be pleased about. Holzhauer is a professional sports gambler.

Holzhauer, also known as “Jeopardy James,” started his tenture of 32 episodes, on April 4th of 2019, which was when the episode featuring the University of Illinois graduate, was aired. Holzhauer won the game at $40 thousand, which was the record for single day winnings in the 35th season of Jeopardy!. Many were surprised when he won the large amount of money, nonetheless, it was nothing compared to what his near-future held.

On May 27th, 28 days into his win-streak, Holzhauer set a new one-day record for winnings in Jeopardy! history, at $130,022, taking his total winnings to $2,195,557. Days after, people started to tune in for his expected upcoming surpassing of total cash winnings in Jeopardy! history, of which is currently help by Ken Jennings at $2,520,700.

However, after leaked spoilers on Sunday afternoon, that no longer looks to be the case, as he is to lose on Monday’s episode of Jeopardy!. There was a video leaked from an unknown source that features Holzhauer losing, ending his infamous streak. The video is as follows:

If you’re unable to view the video, here is an iconic photo of the final scores:
Holzhauer was in second place prior to the final question, at $23,400, with Emma beating him at $26,600. Holzahuer correctly answered the question, howbeit, bet only $1,399, taking him to just $24,799. Emma on the other hand, also correctly answered, adding $20 thousand to her score, taking her to $46,801, ending Holzhauer’s infamous steak. Halzhauer and Emma high-fived at the end of the video.

This is unfortunate news for Jeopardy! fans as they now won’t find the game show as entertaining without the immensely knowledgeable 35-year-old, barring Emma doesn’t go on a run herself. But for the show’s sake, they no longer have to worry about Holzhauer costing them a whopping average of $76 thousand per episode.

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