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Should the Eagles inquire the Jaguars about Nick Foles?

Amid Nick Foles’ poor performance down in Jacksonville with the Jaguars, some Eagles’ fans deem this a reason to rebirth his magic in Philadelphia, and potentially replace starter Carson Wentz.

The Jaguars currently have the 30-year-old quarterback sewn down to a four-year, $88 million contract. So obviously, the Eagles would face a risk when it comes to aquiring him.

Despite the couldron of doubt Wentz is drowning in, thanks to many Eagles fans, I personally don’t view this as a valid reason to retain Foles’ career in Philadelphia… Wentz just needs time to prove his leadership. And by bringing Foles back, that derides Wentz’s attempt to prove said leadership.

In conclusion, I am against the Eagles acquiring Jacksonville Jaguars’ Nick Foles, and feel with time, Carson Wentz can justify his leadership and perhaps lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a deep playoff run. However, Wentz, nor can any other quarterback, do it all–the Eagles need to work on building receivers and a structured offensive line around him if they seek success.

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Saint Benedictus Dimitrius Nikolai
8 months ago

Reindeer don’t do well in Florida either .. someone please get Nick back in time to save Christmas.

8 months ago

I would love to see Nick back in Philly. Wentz is not the answer and we want a QB that proves he can win.

Brett MacCartney
7 months ago
Reply to  GoEagles

Don’t you feel like a horse’s ass now? Carson Wentz has led the Eagles to the NFC East title and a home playoff berth, while the stiff Nick Foles held the clipboard in hapless Jacksonville for Gardner Stinking Minshew. In other words, you are a LOSER!