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Jalen Mills likes Instagram post defining Carson Wentz as overpaid and overrated

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has apparently been drowning in a cauldron of doubt from his teammates this season, with Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor evidently being two of those “teammates.”

After scrolling through some old Instagram posts, Jalen Mills can also be added to that list, for liking a video on Instagram defining Wentz as overpaid and “overrated” that was posted in early June.

The video was posted by Joseph Robert, a verified fantasy football account, who described Wentz’s contract as “insane.” He then went on to say the Eagles are the “stupidest organization in NFL history,” and suggests that the Eagles should have kept Nick Foles who won Philly a Super Bowl.

The video is as follows (via Instragram):


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😡 No way! Not deserved! #overrated! He can’t even stay on the field! #carsonwentz #eagles #fantasyfootball

A post shared by Joseph Robert (@fantasyfootballcounselor) on

Robert also said he can run faster than Wentz who has “never finished a season.” He also thinks Wentz is more overrated than Odell Beckham Jr. In addition, Robert said Wentz’s deal was a huge waste of money and Wentz has “got to pull something out of his ass to compensate…”

Wentz received his deal in early June, prior to when the video was posted, for $128 million over four years. As of after Week 11, Wentz has 16 touchdowns for 2,274 yards and four interceptions registered to his stats.

If you don’t follow Mills on Instagram, a screenshot of the video and his like (bottom-left corner) is as follows:

Yes, Jalen Mills’ Instagram handle is ‘GreenGoblin’. If you’re captivated to find the post yourself, Robert’s Instagram handle is ‘FantasyFootballCounselor’, and is verified. I feel I should also mention that perhaps Mills liking the post could have been an accident, or maybe he liked it as motivation.

With locker room issues already circulating with Alshon Jeffery, this find certainly has no positive impact. It’s unsure when Mills liked the post, however, it’s probable he liked it weeks after it was posted.

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Time to start working on getting Foles back to Philadelphia. He’d do a better job than Wentz with a broken clavicle. In the meantime, it’s time to bench Wentz, open the crypt and extract McCowan before the ghost of George Blanda spirits him away. With a few lucky breaks and a victory over Dallas the season is still salvageable…as long as Wentz is NEVER allowed to pick up a football inside the Linc again this year. He’s a head case and it’s time to send him packing to the AFC…preferably for Foles, a TALL corner, a TALL receiver and a… Read more »


Why so he can ride our bench wentz is ten times better Foles will be riding bench in Jacksonville soon learn to watch half these guys still think they are super bowl champs still they are hung over wentz is the man


Wentz is ten times better than Foles? What are you smoking? Wentz has been a sub-.500 QB since he was injured and placed on IR in 2017, 5 wins, 6 losses last year and this year (10 wins, 12 losses in his last 22 games not to mention injured missing 13 games, which included playoffs in 2017 and 2018). Before that Wenzt was 7-9 in 2016 and has NEVER won a playoff game. Wake up and smell the coffee in flames.


You dont know shit asshole wentz is well worth it go look at our receivers they drop balls they suck not wentz and remember this without wentz there would have never been a super bowl you talk out of your ass like all sports people use dont know nothing Foles might lose his job to a rookie he needs to get on his knees and thank wentz for getting hurt in a mvp season so just shut the hell up

Stats Don't Lie

Why are you trashing Foles, what did he do except go 13 wins, 3 losses in his final two seasons with the Eagles, including 1 meaningless loss to Dallas in the final game of the 2017 season, had 4 playoff wins including a Super Bowl while losing only 1, against the Saints last year in the NFC semifinals. You must not have watched many games this season? Wentz sucked and lost against woeful Atlanta & pitiful Detroit, got blown out by Minnesota, embarrassed us against Dallas. He has one quality win, Green Bay. He’s 2-and-4 in his last 6 games.… Read more »


Couldn’t agree with you more here


Wentz is overrated though. Hasn’t done anything notable since 2017. Foles is better


Yeah but what has wentz done since 2017?


what has foles? Your an idiot.


Okay calm down. Just an opinion


Foles Led the eagles to the playoffs in 2018