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Freddie Mitchell tries to seek attention by criticizing Eagles players

When the name ‘Freddie Mitchell’ pops up or comes into mind, people naturally think of his amazing 4th and 26 (yard) catch against the Green Bay Packers, and pretty much how horrible he was most of the time on the field. But as of the last two days, people also think of how horrible he is off the field.

It all started on Friday, when Mitchell came out about how Eagles’ former franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb treated him back in the day while on the field. The tweet is as follows (after advertisement):

McNabb did not speak out yet.

He then took a shot at reporter Turron Davenport, more so at Carson Wentz, by obnoxiously mentioning “write off” as a reminder to a tweet that specified how much was raised during Wentz’s recent charity fundraiser. If you don’t know, the term “write off” refers to tax deduction. Also, if you didn’t already know, Mitchell was arrested and sentenced to 37 months in prison for tax fraud in 2013. So it’s blatantly clear that he shouldn’t be giving tax advice to anyone.

But no worries, people were sure to mention FredEx’s alleged conviction to him via Twitter, such as is follows (after advertisement):

And Mitchell wasn’t afraid to tweet back at people, either.


^ But isn’t he doing the same thing? Being a little hypocritical, LOL.

Anyways, probably one of the most cheapest shots at Wentz, is Mitchell asking a Twitter user how Wentz is doing good in the world by raising over $500 thousand for kids in Haiti. The tweet is as follows (after advertisement):

Nevertheless, Mitchell was sure to tell Wentz to “keep up the good work,” and mention his very own help in the city of Philadelphia. The tweet definitely sounds attention seeking. The tweet is as follows:

As of now, that is his latest tweet. Stay tuned for more dumb remarks by him, LOL.

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