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Eagles lose to Cowboys, 6-0

No surprise here, Cowboys defeat the Eagles 6-0. It could have been worse though, even as a Cowboy fan it must stink to win by only 6 points to Eagles backups. But in their defense, a win’s a win.

But seriously, with our starters in we looked miserable. Nick Foles was terrible as usual (I’d much prefer Nate Sudfeld than Foles). Sudfeld played fine. Torrey Smith had a crucial drop that could have ended up in the Eagles going down field and scoring a touchdown. Mack Hollins didn’t even bother to go for the ball (just like last week). Smallwood played OK. Our defense also had a lot of missed tackles. But at least our starting defense looked pretty good.

Eagles better straiten up their offense before the divisional round in the playoffs. Or else they’re going no where.

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