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Eagles’ drafted TE Dallas Goedert highlights in college

Although Dallas Goedert has a more type of Zach Ertz’s 6’5″, 249 lb frame, Goedert is seemed to be more of a Brent Celek replacement.

Goedert, 6’5″, 256 lb, is now the biggest tight end on the Eagles’ roster, and still will be if he make’s the 53-man roster – which he is capable of doing, and projected to do.

Goedert will be a major helping-hand for the Eagles’ this season, with young and talented quarterback, Carson Wentz. Reportedly, Wentz has been walking around the Eagles’ facility lately, prior to the draft, and talking about Goedert. He is also great friends and played football with him in Dakota. So there is already a good connection between him and Wentz – which could add to their future chemistry while on the football field.

Last season when Goedert played for South Dakota State, he received an attractive seven touchdowns, and 1,111 receiving yards – which is better than Ertz in college, stats wise. The year before, in 2016, Goedert pulled in a whopping eleven touchdowns, as well as 1,293 receiving yards.

Goedert is greatly know throughout NFL tight end prospects, not just because of his talent, but his vigorous blocking when at the line. This is primarily why the Eagles picked him, because they lack when it comes to tight ends that can block – despite the blocking talent of former Eagle’ Brent Celek last season.

With the new tight ends being signed, Ertz, age 27, is now the oldest tight end on the Eagles’ roster – before 26-year-old Richard Rodgers (formerly a Packer), and newly drafted 23-year-old Goedert.

If Carson Wentz plays 100%, as we wants to do obviously, Eagles may have the most reliable tight end squad in the league.

Anyways, Goedert’s South Dakota State highlights, is as follows:

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