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Do you think NFL players are overpaid?

I have thought long and hard about this topic lately, are NFL players overpaid? There are many counterpoints for both sides of the argument. I will give you possibly opinions of what people would most likely say on both sides of the argument. But first, let me provide you with some statistics stating both sides.

Avg. NFL Salary – $2 million per year
Avg. Soldier Salary – $30 thousand per year
Avg. Police Man Salary – $60 thousand per year
Avg. Surgeon Salary – $200 thousand per year

People that DO think NFL players happen to be overpaid tend to compare NFL players to soldiers, police men, surgeons, etc. Yes, these people save many lives, help, and direct people.

People that think NFL players are NOT overpaid think this way – the people who pay soldiers, police men, and surgeons are the Government. The people who pay NFL players is the NFL, which makes money from ticket sales and advertisements.

But again, NFL players don’t work to save lives, they play a game to entertain people.

To sum it up, my contribution to the long-thought, never ending argument –

Personally, I think NFL players are NOT overpaid. The NFL get’s chose how much they pay their players, more so the specific team’s staff. While, the Government get’s to chose how much they pay their soldiers, and fund other life-saving companies and industries. The NFL is not government funded like other prioritized companies and industries. Again, the NFL grew from scratch, making income from ticket sales and advertisements. They then distribute a dividend of that revenue to their 32 teams, which then distribute that source of money dependable on skill. Again, the Government doesn’t justify the salary of NFL players. In fact, the NFL pays taxes, as well as NFL players. Those taxes go to Government funded companies and industries like schools, playgrounds, hospitals, etc. For those reasons, I believe NFL players are paid a reasonable amount of money.

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