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Carson Wentz is the Eagles future

Quarterback Carson Wentz is the Eagles future, and people need to start realizing that.

With all the attention backup quarterback Nick Foles has been getting, people seem to be forgetting how elite Wentz actually is. He keeps getting better too.

Sure, the 2018 season is one I wouldn’t call amazing for Wentz, but he threw 21 touchdowns in just 11 games. That’s good. Not only that, but he completed about 70% of his passes.

Foles won the Eagles their first Super Bowl ever. Philly and I, thank him greatly for that. But Eagles will get their second Super Bowl win with Wentz under center.

It’s very unlikely Foles goes on another run like the 2017 or 2018 with the Eagles. His magic with the Eagles started coming to an end at the end of the Bears game. People also forgot how badly Foles played against the Falcons and Buccaneers at the beginning of this past season.

“The Eagles offense is fit for Foles” … it’s fit for Foles and Wentz. People are forgetting about Wentz’s 2017 MVP-caliber season and it’s getting freaking annoying. He was on pace for 40 touchdowns and over 4,000 yards.

“Wentz is injury prone” … personally, I don’t believe in “injury prone” … I believe that some quarterbacks are more vulnerable to getting injured because they lack protection – that comes with maturity. Wentz will get there. He just came off of one of the worst football injuries, for Pete’s sake. Wentz isn’t anymore vulnerable to getting injured than Foles is … he hasn’t even started for more than 11 games in a season … Wentz started 16 games his very first season.

“Keep both of them!” … so you want the Eagles to spend more than a fourth of their maximum cap space on two quarterbacks, in which one won’t even play?

I love Foles, but it’s time to move on. Wentz is Philadelphia’s future.

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