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Carson Wentz might not be the same Carson Wentz when he returns

A season ending injury from an ACL tear is nothing new to long-time Eagles fans. Back in 2006 Donovan McNabb tore his ACL, he came back, but not as good as he used to be. McNabb’s QB passer rating went from a 95 to a 89. Usually after an injury due to a quarterback scrambling, they hesitate to scramble in the future which will have a big impact on the Eagles season next year considering they don’t have a very good O-line (especially on the left side).

In 2012 Robert Griffin III tore his ACL, and his return didn’t go as planned. His quarterback passer rating went from a 70 to a 53. In 2008 legendary QB Tom Brady tore his ACL, and his quarterback passer rating went from a 96 to 49. But he still led the Patriots to 2 more Superbowl rings ever since.

But this isn’t guaranteed. For example, in 2014 Carson Palmer tore his ACL, and his passer rating surprisingly went from a 61 to 78.

Let’s hope the best for Wentz though. Do you think he’ll continue his so-far-good career next season?

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