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Brandon Marshall’s Signing to the New York Giants’ could make the Eagle’s cornerback problem more crucial…

Today the New York Giant’s signed 32-year-old WR, Brandon Marshall. Marshall was given a 2-year-contract for $12 million.

Now since Marshall is a New York Giant, whom is now on the same division as the Eagle’s, could make the Eagle’s lack of good cornerbacks problem more crucial. Due to the Giants’ being in the same division as the Eagles’, they compete a lot. This will give a better opportunity to the Giants’ offense to make good passing games now since they have Marshall. To prevent Marshall and his other team-mates such as Odell Beckham Jr. from making catches, the Eagle’s will need better cornerbacks. Here is a list of free-agency cornerbacks.

Brandon Marshall was selected in the fourth round by the Denver Broncos’ in the 2006 NFL Draft. Last year with the New York Jets’, Marshall had 59 receptions for 309 yards. As well as 2 touchdowns.

Do you think the Eagle’s could make this situation any better?

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