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Amid Eagles fans optimism, rival Cowboys trounce Rams

Eagles fans optimism pleasantly faced a notable increase on Sunday, following their expected triumph over the divisional rival Redskins.

However, there is unfortunately a reason to partially subside that augmented optimism, as the divisional rival Dallas Cowboys routed the Los Angeles Rams to remain the current victor of the NFC East, even following the Eagles game.

Luckily for the Eagles–not something to be entirely thankful for though–they have a chance to top the Cowboys next week and align themselves to seize a playoff spot in lieu of Dallas come playoff time.

It will evidently be no easy matchup though . . . So your hopes shouldn’t be foreign of the ordinary, given the current circumstances. Partly on the contrary, however, there is still a reason to demonstrate an apt amount of content.

Anyway, the Rams-Cowboys game concluded at an outcome of 21-44, in favor of Dallas. So obviously this doesn’t come as an appealing revelation to Philadelphia.

We’ll see where next week lands us, nonetheless. Go Birds!

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