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4 realistic trade packages & locations for Eagles QB Nick Foles

On Sunday this past weekend, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is expected to have a “quality trade market,” according to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport. This would mean the Eagles either have to agree to a deal to keep him then trade him, or they franchise tag him then trade him. Despite the price they would have to pay Foles, the Eagles could get (a) good asset(s) trading him instead of letting him walk.

Here are some realistic trade packages that feature Eagles 29-year-old quarterback Nick Foles …


The Jaguars are arguably the team that is most in need of a quarterback this offseason. Foles would be a great fit for Jacksonville. Back in November, there were several reports that the Jaguars are “likely to consider” trading cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Eagles, who are in need of a cornerback, would be a great fit for Ramsey. In “great”, I mean aside from his locker room attention. Ramsey is undoubtedly the best cornerback in the league at the moment. He’s not even in his prime … he’s only 24.

What trade details could look like:

Jaguars receive: QB Nick Foles & 4th-round pick
Eagles receive: CB Jalen Ramsey


With Broncos QB Case Keenum’s struggles, a Nick Foles acquisition by them wouldn’t be very surprising. Keenum has failed to live up to expectations and execute under pressure this season, similar to the playoffs last season. Now that they’re a potential playoff team, a quarterback with good playoff history may be in their interest. Foles would be the answer. On Wednesday, there were various reports that the Broncos may trade Pro Bowl defensive end Von Miller this upcoming offseason. Miller is disputably the best defensive player in the league right now. Given the Eagles past acquisition history, it wouldn’t be astonishing if the Eagles would display interest in a veteran like Miller.

What trade details could look like:

Broncos receive: QB Nick Foles & 2nd-round pick
Eagles receive: DE Von Miller


Dolphins are also in need of a quarterback, following reports that they’re looking to move on from Ryan Tannehill. It really doesn’t make sense for the Dolphins to move on from Tannehill just to trade/sign (for) Foles. Nonetheless, the Dolphins have the 13th draft pick which would presumably impress the Eagles.

What trade details could look like:

Dolphins receive: QB Nick Foles & 2nd or 4th-round pick
Eagles receive: 1st-round pick (13th overall)


Giants are also a serious quarterback-needed team. Eli Manning is now falling off the edge at the age of 38. He got his two Super Bowl rings, it’s now time for the Giants to move on. As an Eagles fan, I support the Giants keeping Manning, LOL. Jokes aside, it’s very unlikely to see the Giants make a playoff run with Manning under center. There’s nobody on the Giants roster that would really attract Howie Roseman’s eye that are on the trade market. A draft pick would be more reasonable.

What trade details could look like:

Giants receive: QB Nick Foles & a 4th or 5th-round pick
Eagles receive: 1st-round pick

Out of these four potential trade packages, which one would you like to see the most?

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