Was 2016 Carson Wentz Actually Better Than 2015 Sam Bradford?

Hmm. Well, first off, Carson Wentz’s statistics were better at the beginning of the season than Sam Bradford. Until mid-season. Oh, FYI- I’m comparing 2016 Wentz, to 2015 Bradford.

Wentz ended up throwing 14 interceptions last season. And Bradford threw 14 interceptions as well in the 2015 season with the Eagles. So interception wise, they both threw the same amount of interceptions.

Yards, Wentz had 3,782 passing yards last year. While in 2015 Bradford had 3,725 passing yards. So still pretty close, but now Wentz is winning.

Touchdowns, Wentz had only 16 touchdowns last year. While in 2015 Bradford had 3 more touchdowns, 19.

Completed throws, Wentz completed 62.4% of his throws. While Bradford completed 65.0% of his throws.

So overall; Bradford was better than Wentz at two factors. While Wentz was better than Bradford at only one factor. Note, these are the most important factors I went over.

So the winner is… Bradford. Yes, Sam Bradfords statistics were better than Carson Wentz’s.

Who do you think was a better QB?

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