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Why Eagles’ WR Mack Hollins will be the next Dez Bryant

Despite the one touchdown Mack Hollins displayed for the Philadelphia Eagles, he has a whole lot of potential, even as a fourth round pick. It will all start with the Philadelphia Eagles new wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer, who happens to be Mack Hollins college wide receiver coach when he was playing in North Carolina. So it’s not like he’s completely new to all of the Eagles’ wide receivers.

But that’s not it – The new wide receivers coach also coached Hall of Famer Randy Moss, as well as Dez Bryant, Justin Blackmon, Ryan Switzer, and Bug Howard. So there could be a chance if it weren’t for him, all those players wouldn’t be as good. Maybe you could add Mack Hollins to that list after a couple years.

Comparing college stats: In Mack Hollins four-year college-term, he received 20 touchdowns for 1,667 yards. While receivers coached by Brewer like Randy Moss caught a whopping 26 touchdowns in just a year. But who said Mack Hollins will be the next Randy Moss. Dez Bryant wise, he caught four touchdowns his last year in college, which is the exact same Mack Hollins caught in HIS last year of college. And in Dez Bryant’s first year, he caught six touchdown passes, which is two less than Mack Hollins in HIS first year. Last of all, Mack Hollins averaged more yards per reception in college than Dez Bryant did. But again, you do never know.

My predictions (based on other receivers coached by Gunter Brewer in college): If Eagles’ wide receiver Mack Hollins is a starter for the team next season, he will receive seven touchdowns, around 70 receptions, and very much possible of over 1,000 receiving yards. But if Mack Hollins continues to be a backup wideout the start of next season, he will receive two or three touchdowns, about 27 receptions, and around 322 yards.

He may not be the next Randy Moss, but he could and very much will be the next Dez Bryant, I should say YOUNG Dez Bryant because now days Bryant isn’t the best receiver out there anymore, LOL. Anyways, you heard it here first!


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