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What Time Will The Solar Eclipse Be Viewable

Today is Eclipse Day across some of America. Be sure to wear safety glasses while viewing the solar eclipse. It can cause permanent eye damage to your eyes. Below is a video of a person that viewed an eclipse years ago, and damaged one of his eyes. In the video he will warn you about the eye damage that can be caused while viewing the eclipse.

Below are the major cities that will witness the total solar eclipse. I will give you the time of when the eclipse will be at the following cities.

StateCityTime Of Totality
OregonPortland10:19 A.M.
IdahoBoise10:26 A.M.
WyomingCaspar11:42 A.M.
NebraskaOmaha1:04 P.M.
KansasKansas City1:08 P.M.
MissouriSt. Louis1:18 P.M.
KentuckyLouisville2:27 P.M.
TennesseeNashville1:28 P.M.
GeorgiaAtlanta2:36 P.M.
South CarolinaCharleston2:47 P.M.
If your city is not listed, then navigate to (Time And Date) and search your location. Remember to wear eye protection if you are planning to view the eclipse! And be sure to cover your camera lenses with a solar filter (if planning to photograph the event)! Please share this article!

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