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What player was the biggest waste of money for the Eagles in the past three years?

Who was the biggest waste of money for the eagles in the past three years? Well, according to ESPN’s, Tim McManus, The Philadelphia Eagles are on of the biggest spenders in free-agency over the past three years.
Who is the biggest waste of money so far in the past three years? Well, there’s a lot of big money wasters, but one particular player didn’t do so much for the Eagles but cost a pretty large amount of money. His name is, DeMarco Murray.

29-year-old DeMarco Murray was drafted in the 2011 NFL draft by the Dallas Cowboys’ in the 3rd round. In 2015 Murray entered free agency and was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles.

He was on a five-year $42 million contract. He was doing well the first couple week’s then fell apart. His statistics prove he was overpaid (opinion). With the Eagles in 2015, he ran the ball 193 times and averaged 3.6 yards per carry. This is usually considered low, because of the fact you need about 3.3 yards a carry to get a first down. So if he get’s a first down at all, it just barely past the 1st down line. He also had 6 touchdowns for the Eagles, which is considered low for a running back. He did have a couple big runs, though. Such as his 54-yard touchdown run against the New York Giants.

Murray was then traded to the Tennessee Titans for a fourth round pick in the 2016 draft.

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