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Vikings-Eagles gameday weather could improve Minnesota Vikings game

You should be worried as an Eagles fan, the Minnesota Vikings have been performing greatly outdoors in fairly cold weather, Vikings have a good chance to upset the Philadelphia Eagles this upcoming week at home.

The expected gameday weather according to The Weather Channel, is supposed to be around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, this is good for Nick Foles and the Eagles, and also good for Case Keenum and the Vikings. Nick Foles threw four touchdowns against the Giants in temperatures around 40 degrees. So no doubt about it that it will improve Foles’ performance. But it will also improve Keenum and the Vikings’ game, and their spectacular defense.

Just something to keep an eye on for the upcoming Vikings-Eagles game.

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Hooligan Joe
3 years ago

How in the heck is this even an article? Dang it Gabe.