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Two Eagles’ players get seperated after getting physical with each other at training camp

After being padded up again today and practicing at the goal line, two Eagles’ players got “chippy”, as Jeff McLane called it, at training camp.

Philadelphia Eagles’ newly acquired defensive end Michael Bennett dove newly acquired tight end Richard Rodgers straight into the ground through the whistle. Rodgers eventually got up before being separated.

This isn’t very worrisome, but may be a red flag that Eagles’ need to watch their locker room chemistry this upcoming season, despite having phenomenal chemistry last season.

While we’re talking about Richard Rodgers, I also feel it’s worth mentioning that he didn’t have a very good practice today. Apparently, Rodgers hurt his arm, and not only that, but got stiff-armed by Eagles’ safety Malcolm Jenkins.

Maybe we can expect better on Friday, haha.

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