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Super Bowl LII could be Brent Celek’s last game in the NFL

Every player era has to come to an end. And tomorrow is most likely Brent Celek’s turn. Brent Celek was drafted out of Cincinnati in the 5th round of the 2007 NFL Draft. In his rookie year, Brent Celek was a backup and got a single touchdown. 2009 – 2013 was the peak of Celek’s career – in that four year span he had 24 touchdowns. Ever since Nick Foles left, he didn’t have such great Chemistry with QB Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, or Carson Wentz as he did with Nick Foles.

Brent Celek is expected to end his spectacular career with 31 total touchdowns. He is now 33 years old, and had only one touchdown the past two years. After Super Bowl 52, Celek is expected to depart from the team and most likely the NFL.

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