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Stats Predictions For Carson Wentz Next 2018-19 Season

Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz will be taking the field again, ever since tearing his ACL in early December last season.

Last season, MVP-Canidate Carson Wentz threw a whopping 33 touchdowns, which is a franchise record. And a 101.9 passer rating. The Eagles schedule last season was fairly easy, but if Wentz played for the last three games, he could have easily piled up 40 touchdowns by the time the season ended.

Though, next season the Eagles look to face a more difficult schedule. They will play teams including Falcons, Panthers, Vikings, Saints, Jaguars, Rams, and Titans. If Wentz can handle those strong defenses, as Nick Foles seemed to do with some of them, he and the Eagles can easily win with a strong defense of their own.

My Carson Wentz’s stats predictions for the 2018-19 NFL Season:

Passing Touchdowns: 40 touchdowns
Interceptions: 12 interceptions
Passing Yards: 3990 yards
Completions/Attempts: 304/500 (60.8%)

Here’s why: First off, remember, Carson Wentz next season will have a knee brace, and the teams and schedule will be more difficult than last season. So Wentz will have to rely more on his pocket-passing ability more. Anyways, Wentz is becoming better and better each year as it seems, especially the leap from the 2016 season to the 2017 season. So has Nelson Agholor. Next season I believe Nelson Agholor will receive eight touchdowns and 60 receptions, for 750 yards. Not really an upgrade from last season, but regard to what I said before about the brace and harder schedule. For Mike Wallace, I believe he will receive seven touchdowns and 40 receptions, for 820 yards. Last season, Wallace received four touchdowns, with Joe Flacco at center with the Ravens, I believe he can do better with Carson Wentz as a deep-threat receiver with the Eagles. Now onto Alshon Jeffery. I believe Jeffery will receive eight touchdowns and 50 receptions, for 800 yards. Unfortunately, I think Alshon Jeffery will have too much going for him to receive nine touchdowns again this next season. He will be a bit over-confident. Last Eagles’ wideout that I think will receive at least a touchdown next season is Mack Hollins. I believe Hollins has the ability to receive two touchdowns and 20 receptions, for 300 yards. Now onto Eagles’ tight ends. Zach Ertz whom had great chemistry with Carson Wentz last season will retain his talent and chemistry with him I believe, by receiving just one touchdown less than last season, which would be seven touchdowns, including 70 receptions for 800 yards. Eagles newly signed former Packers’ tight end Richard Rodgers will definitely do better than he did last year with Brett Hundley. I believe he will receive four touchdowns and 35 receptions, for 270 yards. I predict whomever the Eagles’ third string tight end will be, will at least receive a touchdown. Now onto Eagles’ running backs. Jay Ajayi will receive a touchdown, including 9 receptions and 100 yards. Now Corey Clement. Personally, I think Clement will use his good hands again, as he did last year, and receive just two touchdowns and 20 receptions, for 150 yards next season. All my predicted stats would bring Wentz‘ total up to exactly 40 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, about 3,990 yards, and throwing for about 60.8%.

If my predictions are indeed correct, telling from next season obviously, Carson Wentz will easily win Most Valuable Player award next season, unlike last season, when he was very close with just 33 passing touchdowns. But just remember, Wentz must posses great pocket-passing talent throughout the season, because he won’t be as mobile with his knee brace on.

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