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Should the Philadelphia Eagles draft tight end Mike Gesicki? (POLL)

After growing up in Lake Wood, New Jersey, getting a scholarship to Penn State to play football, Mike Gesicki seems ready to up his career even more by entering the 2018 NFL Draft to make big money.

The question is, where will he go? This is certainly an unclear topic this offseason, there are many teams in need of a good tight end, like the Philadelphia Eagles. Especially after losing Brent Celek, age 33, and Trey Burton, age 26, Eagles really need to draft a new, young, talented tight end like Mike Gesicki.

Last year with the Penn State Nittany Lions, tight end Mike GeSICKi, LOL, received 57 receptions for 563 yards, and nine touchdowns. That’s pretty nice for a college tight end obviously; not many tight ends in the NFL even get that many touchdowns in a single season. The 6-6 257lb tight end also has many similarities to Zach Ertz as well. Both players received the exact same amount of touchdowns in their years of college, though given Zach Ertz only played for three years. They also are only an inch apart height wise, and weigh only eight pounds apart. Obviously Gesicki is a bit bigger than Ertz, more like Brent Celek weight wise, and Rob Gronkowski height wise. It’s like a Brent Celek and Rob Gronkoski mix (which would look pretty nice stat wise).

For the Eagles sake, they should draft him first round if he’s not already taken. The Eagles only have one tight end, and a bunch of other scrubs (with the potential acceptation of Billy Brown). If Gesicki is already taken, they should still try to draft a talented, young tight end. Obviously it take’s a lot to pay Gesicki what he’s worth, which perhaps is a reason to why the Eagles are saving a lot of money, for no apparent, obvious reason.

It’s doubtful they take a tackle at first round considering the words by Doug Pederson that LT Pro Bowler will play next season after his injury just this past season. Let’s just trust General Manager Howie Roseman on this one. He took us to the Super Bowl last season, he can do it again this season.

Should the Philadelphia Eagles draft Mike Gesicki?

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