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Should the Philadelphia Eagle’s consider Tony Romo?

Today, the Dallas Cowboy’s have informed 36-year-old quarterback, Tony Romo about his upcoming release tomorrow. There are teams wondering if they should go after Romo after his upcoming release.

Should the Philadelphia Eagle’s chase after Tony Romo? No, Tony romo has an average pay of $10 million a year. This is extremely expensive for the Eagle’s, considering they only have $8 million in cap room to spend.

The Eagle’s should also leave him be because of his constant injuries. Romo has had two major injuries in the past two years. In 2015, Romo broke several bones from Eagle’s Jordan Hicks knocking him to the ground. Then in 2016 Tony Romo got hurt again! This injury was caused by a hit from Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril. If the Eagle’s sign Romo, and he get’s hurt again, it would be a waste of the Eagle’s cap room.

Do you think the Eagle’s should get Romo?

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