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Should the Eagles part ways with DC Jim Schwartz?

The Philadelphia Eagles fall short of the Carolina Panthers, 21 – 17. This loss is an absolute heartbreaker for the team, and the fans.

Eagles maintained the shutout entering the fourth quarter, 0 – 17, and somehow missed three opportunities to score in the quarter, while letting the Panthers score 21 points.

The play-calling was yucky, and the defense just took a huge slump.

The Eagles arguably have the best defense on paper, but Jim Schwartz can’t take advantage of that for some reason. Eagles are currently ranked 15th for total yards allowed this season, after being ranked in the top five last season.

It makes us Eagles fans wonder, should the Eagles part ways with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz? There is absolutely no reason to have a 17-point lead entering the fourth quarter, only to allow over 200 yards and three touchdowns following that.

Personally, I think it’s too early to fire Schwartz. I’d give it another game or two of allowing over twenty points late in the game, and adjusting defensive play-calling for no good reason. But an elimination of Schwartz should definitely be considered.

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2 years ago

Schwartz sucks. He’s had bad games all year. Last year in the Super Bowl he had his ass handed to him too. In spite of him the offense was able to win the SB game for us.