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Should Eagles sign Cowboys’ former receiver Dez Bryant?

After Dez Bryant’s seven year career dropping balls for the Dallas Cowboys, the Cowboys bite back by dropping him. In case you’re unaware of who Dez Bryant is, he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 1st round of the 2010 NFL Draft. During Bryant’s rookie year, he received six touchdowns and 45 receptions, for 561 yards. He peaked in 2014, by receiving 16 touchdowns and 88 receptions, for 1,320 yards. The very next year was his career-low; he received just three touchdowns and 31 receptions, for 401 yards.

Last season, Bryant caught just six touchdowns, which is unusual for him. And he continued to struggle in retaining chemistry with young quarterback Dak Prescott. Bryant, age 29, was released by the Dallas Cowboys on Friday. In Bryant’s mind, maybe there is a such thing as Friday the 13th, LOL. Bryant confirmed his release via Twitter quickly after the report first came out.


Bryant reportedly stated when leaving the facility, “I’ll see you guys twice this year.” Hopefully he doesn’t plan on going to the Eagles, because I don’t think Howie Roseman will allow that. I wouldn’t either. Here’s why: We have three very talented receivers, which fills up all the starting positions. All the Eagles starting wideouts scored a better 40-yard-dash time than Dez Bryant did. Bryant is also 29-year-old, and has an unstable career unlike current Eagles’ wide receiver Mike Wallace. He also caught just 52.3% of his targets last season, vs our worst wideout last year whom was Torrey Smith, and still did better than him reliability wise. It just doesn’t make sense for him. Yes he is a talented receiver, but he doesn’t fit into the Eagles offense scheme. A better place for him in this division would be the Giants due to their lack of healthy receivers. Short answer, NO. I do not want to see him in an Eagles jersey. Sorry Dez.

What do you think, should the Eagles take Dez Bryant? Comment below.

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