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Should Eagles re-sign running back Darren Sproles?

Darren Sproles, the eighth career leader in all-purpose yards is a free-agent this offseason, after being on the Philadelphia Eagles roster for the past four seasons. Should the Eagles resign him?

Let’s look at him, statistically. The 34-year-old running back was injured last season, limiting his increase in all-purpose yards to advance to seventh place. The season (2016 ) before he broke his arm and tore his ACL, he had two touchdowns, and a whopping 52 receptions for a running back, registering a total of 865 yards. He averaged 4.7 yards, which is second among all Eagles running backs this past season, just below acquired-halfway-though-the-season Jay Ajayi. Sproles’s stats is as follows:

Despite Sproles’s shortness, he is still able to perform well and acceptably on the field – at least that’s how he was before his injury. Now with him entering free-agency this offseason – should the Eagles re-sign him? This has been a heavy thought-out topic this offseason, and is certainly a disputable topic.

Some people say yes because 1) he’s leading at eighth rank in all-purpose yards 2) he’s still able to perform well on the field, even with his short frame, and 3) he’s fast, really fast.

Some people say no because 1) he’s too old 2) he won’t come back as strong next season after being injured and 3) we have much better running backs now, including similar-framed-body Donnel Pumphrey, so Sproles isn’t a big priority anymore.

Personally, as much as I love Sproles and his talented body, I’m one of those people that don’t want him on the 53-man roster any longer. We have Donnel Pumphrey whom is similar in size, and arguably just as powerful. And we don’t need another person that we have to worry about them being paid and sustaining enough cap-space. Unless the Eagles somehow get Sproles on a minimum rookie-deal, I don’t see much interest and a need to desperately sign him. Sorry Sproles.

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