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Quarterback Nick Foles and Eagles agree on a revised contract for 2018 season

Accordingly, defending Super Bowl champions, Philadelphia Eagles, will be headed into the 2018-19 season with a revised contract agreement/reward with/for Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. The deal includes a mutual option for the 2019 season, meaning he has the chance to enter free-agency in Spring of 2019.

Foles received a $2 million signing bonus and several millions in incentives if he’s the starter and reaches specific benchmarks. Earlier this week, Foles stated, “I would love the opportunity to be a starter again,” which is indeed possible if young quarterback Carson Wentz isn’t 100% by the start of next season – better resting him and have him 100% ready to come back and play, instead of rushing him and putting a time-table on his return, being under pressure, and his career eventually being ruined – which hopefully will not be the case.

Foles definitely deserves this bonus, especially after leading the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory, with an inferior win over G.O.A.T Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. He won’t be G.O.A.T for long, once Wentz comes back.

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