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Potential wide receiver candidates to replace Torrey Smith and Marcus Johnson

After trading Torrey Smith and Marcus Johnson both this week, there’s no secret that the Philadelphia Eagles will need some replacements for them both. I will talk about some potential candidates that the Eagles can invest in money in this offseason.

Torrey Smith and Marcus Johnson Replacement Canidates:

Mack Hollins – He may not be a star, but he is more than capable of replacing former Eagle, Torrey Smith. He proved he can handle the job a couple times this past season. He caught a 64-yard touchdown pass thrown by Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz. Received sixteen receptions, for 226 yards. The best stat from him, is that he caught a whopping 72.7% of his targets, which is the most among Eagles’ wideouts on the team this past season. Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson also likes the thought of ‘next man up mentality.’

Donte Moncrief – Donte Moncrief has proved he can play his game well when Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck is healthy, but without him, he isn’t the best. When Donte was passed to by Andrew Luck, he has done great. In the 2016 season, he received for seven touchdowns and 30 receptions for 307 yards. The Colts are also expected to move on from 24-year-old Donte Moncrief this offseason. New Colts coach, and former Eagles’ offensive coordinator, Frank Reich, may also be courteous, and suggest Donte to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sammy Watkins – Sammy Watkins is a talented young receiver with plenty of potential he has already proven. This offseason he will become a free-agent, but not before receiving eight touchdowns, for 593 yards in the 2017 season. Sammy Watkins has caught an acceptable 55.7% of his targets.

Allen Robinson – After suffering an injury during the 2017 season, Allen Robinson is to become a free-agent for many teams to target. We will mention Robinson’s 2016 season stats because again, he was suffering an injury last season. In 2016, Allen Robinson received six touchdowns, and 73 receptions for 883 yards.

Jordan Matthews – Can GM Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles bring back former Eagles’ wide receiver Jordan Matthews after criticizing the Eagles staff, giving him a bad injury diagnoses. As many of you know, Jordan Matthews has failed to live up to expectations after suffering an injury for the Buffalo Bills, but maybe he can turn into the 2016 season player he used to be for the Eagles when he was with them. The Eagles have also tried to get back former players, including LeSean McCoy, a report indicated, which Eagles might do the same for Matthews.

Paul Richardson – Paul Richardson was on top of his game last season with six touchdowns, 44 receptions, and 703 yards. Seattle Seahawks are expected to not retain Richardson back next season. The Eagles also have a connection to him through the Michael Bennett-Marcus Johnson trade.

Marqise Lee – Marqise Lee is a great candidate for the Philadelphia Eagles. Though he only caught three touchdowns last season, he somehow managed to pull in 56 receptions for 702 yards. Going by the Eagles’ history, they aren’t afraid to invest in a wide receiver that isn’t much of a star, as they did to Torrey Smith. The upside about Lee is that he is more reliable, not too reliable, but reliable.

Josh Gordon – Josh Gordon is a trusting player, catching wise, but maybe not NFLPA wise. After being suspended for four years, Josh Gordon made his return to the Cleveland Browns in the 2017 season, and received a touchdown his first game back. Though, Eagles will most likely not get him because the Browns are tempted to resign him, and they have plenty of cap space on top of that.

The Philadelphia Eagles have a pretty good chance of signing one of the above players. Note: We did this last year, and they signed the Torrey Smith which was in our list.

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