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Poll: Who should start next season, Nick Foles or Carson Wentz?

The debate is on…kind of. Majority of the people you think would pick Carson Wentz over Nick Foles. But could Wentz really have out thrown Foles in a showoff, like Foles did to Case Keenum a couple days ago? Arguably yes, although Foles has been recognized an accurate deep thrower, Wentz can also do well too. Remember this perfect pass he threw to rookie WR Mack Hollins against the Washington Redskins?

But I never remember Carson Wentz throwing two or more 50+ touchdowns in the same game. But to be fair, Carson is the reason we played how we did and we clinched the NFC East. He does have more leg too! To help resolve this conflict, I asked 15 Philly Eagles fans including myself which quarterback they would prefer mainly for next season. See what they said below.

GabrielCarson Wentz
LucasNick Foles
KoltonNick Foles
AbbyCarson Wentz
PatCarson Wentz
EmilyCarson Wentz
BarryNick Foles
AlexCarson Wentz
SamCarson Wentz
LukeCarson Wentz
KellyCarson Wentz
BenCarson Wentz
CarolineCarson Wentz
NateCarson Wentz
Winner...Carson Wentz (11-3)

But don’t invest too much of your time into trying to figure this one out, Nick Foles only had three good performances his past five starts. Cast your vote below!

What quaterback would you prefer, Nick Foles or Carson Wentz?

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