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POLL: What position should the Philadelphia Eagles target during the 2018 NFL Draft?

Offensive tackle, tight end, safety, wideout, quarterback? What position do the Philadelphia Eagles actually need the most heading into the 2018 NFL Draft? I’m hearing a lot of OT, but since Hal Vaitai did fine last year, and Jason Peters will be back next year, the Philly Eagles need a tight end. Between Brent Celek’s expected retirement, Trey Burton’s expected departure to go with another team, the Eagles really are in need of some new tight ends. They still do have Zach Ertz which is good, but at the same time, he needs some help.

Trey Burton has made a tremendous improvement this past season in comparison to the 2016 season. With his limited playing time this past season, he still managed to get five touchdowns and 248 receiving yards. His best game was the Eagles and his victory over the Los Angeles Rams. He had two touchdowns, five receptions, and 71 yards as a BACKUP, while averaging 14.2 yards per catch that same game! I’d say that’s pretty good.

For Brent Celek, he did not have the best season of his career. He managed to squeeze in a single touchdown vs. the Rams, pretty ironic the backup tight ends went off against the Rams when substituting Zach Ertz and his concussion, LOL. Anyways, he had one touchdown this season, only 13 receptions, and 130 yards. Therefor, he will most likely put his long NFL career to an end and retire. He was at least better this year than last year – last year he had no touchdowns and just 155 yards and only one more reception than this year.

Right now, the Eagles also have 26 year-old TE Adam Zaruba whom they had a portion of last year, also a former Canadian Football star. They also have TE Billy Brown, no- not the actor, the football player nobody cares for, unfortunately. He did have a couple nice receptions during the training camp…but ended up spending the entire 2017 season on the Eagles’ practice squad. At least he was getting paid!

Below are some Philly Eagles fans and their opinion of what position the Philadelphia Eagles are in need of the most, heading into the 2018 NFL Draft.

Gabriel (me)Tight end
Lucas M.Cornerback
Nate K.Linebacker
LukeTight end
Kolton U.Quarterback
Kathy R.Center
Tie-Breaker FeatureLinebacker
Winner..Linebacker (4)

What position do you most think the Philadelphia Eagles need to Draft?

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