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Philadelphia Eagles might sign punter Marquette King

The Philadelphia Eagles may have found a new number seven, Marquette King. But this time, a punter, not a passer. He does act like a number seven when it comes to punting though. On Friday afternoon, the Oakland Raiders released their punter, perhaps the most known punter in the league, Marquette King.

Marquette King, age 29, was undrafted in 2012 by the Oakland Raiders, the team that just released him on Friday. During his rookie year, he put up an attractive 48.9 yards per punt average, and 4,107 punting yards. Last 2017 season, King averaged 47.4 yards per punt, which is still attractive. Just to give you a reference point, Donnie Jones for example put up 38 yards per punt average in his rookie season. While last season, his last season as well, he registered a 45.3 yards per punt average to his stats.

There is a very good chance that the Eagles take this opportunity and invest some of their money into a young punter like King, especially after losing their veteran punter Donnie Jones.

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