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Philadelphia Eagles biggest waste of money (2017-18 edition)

I did this last year, and I’ll do it again. Who really was the Philadelphia Eagles’ biggest waste of money this past NFL season? Most people may think of Torrey Smith when they see that title.

But the award of the biggest waste of money for the Eagles goes to… Vinny Curry.

Vinny Curry cost the team $9 million cash this past season, which is the third most paid player on the roster, and gave the team back only three regular-season sacks. If you do the math correctly, that’s $3 million per sack, or about $200 thousand per tackle (whatever factor you want judge him on). While a viable player like DE Brandon Graham cost just about $750 thousand every sack for the team.

The 29-year-old defensive end’s own backup had two more whole sacks than he did, and he only played about a third of what Curry did. Barnett is more capable of doing Curry’s job, than Curry is himself.

There has been discussion lately regarding rumors that Vinny Curry won’t be on the Eagles roster next season, such as getting released or traded.

If he does get released, the Eagles can save a lot of money, and possibly put themselves back on the positive side in salary cap room.

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