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NFL eliminating ‘Color Rush’ uniforms for Thursday Night Football

For many Philadelphia Eagles fans, team uniforms have been in the talk lately, primarily regarding the Kelly green throwback jerseys that many fans want back. Personally, I don’t. But their wish may come true, because reportedly, the National Football League is to eliminate their alternate ‘Color Rush’ uniform for Thursday Night Football for all 32 teams.

Many people seem disappointed, but then reminded of their desire to rebirth their favorite team’s old uniform back, and this ‘Color Rush’ uniform elimination may suggest that idea even more. Ideally, the NFL most likely altered uniforms to look more appealing to potential viewers, so they would tune into the NFL on Thursdays to boost ratings, which eventually would boost ad revenue. The Eagles’ ‘Color Rush’ uniform wasn’t the most appealing in the league, nonetheless, it looked a bit more appealing than their regular home-away jerseys did. The ‘Color Rush’ uniform was all black and some bluish-green at the collar, and midnight green on the helmet as well as the Eagles’ modern logo.

Report via Twitter:

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