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NBC should terminate Jeopardy! after Alex Trebek leaves

After 54 seasons on the air, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in early 2019, ready to defy the statistically substandard survival rates.

Trebek, age 79, seemed to be doing relatively well during the summer while continuing to host Jeopardy!, however, suffered a rather major setback after his numbers became ill again, in fact worse than before he started Chemotherapy.

While undergoing a second round a Chemotherapy as a consequence of his poor numbers, Trebek remains on the air. Although struggling articulately when in front of the crowd, Trebek seeks to demonstrate resilience.

Obviously with the ill surival rate that comes with Pancreatic Cancer, it’s time for NBC to start preparing for Trebek’s inevitable demise in regards to the Jeopardy! host position.

Personally, I think Jeopardy! should terminate the program after Trebek passes in order to demonstrate honorable respect for him, in addition to eliminate the misery of Jeopardy!’s dying viewership prior to Trebek’s diagnosis.

Trebek has been so well-known among television gameshow history as the Jeopardy! host, that with his absence, it’d be hard for viewers to fathom someone else materializing the show’s hosting.

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Christopher Haddix
1 year ago