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Michael Vick goes in detail about the time Chip Kelly made him cry

When the Eagles hired Chip Kelly in 2013, he was bringing a style to Philadelphia that was perfect for former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

When Michael Vick and wide receiver DeSean Jackson made a live appearance on Bleacher Report’s Simms & Lefkoe Podcast, Kelly was brought up and Jackson said, “He messed up the Dream Team. The real Dream Team.”

According to Vick and Jackson, Kelly arrived in Philadelphia with plans to have everyone compete against each other for starting positions.

“He didn’t believe in players, like it was his system,” said Jackson. “We didn’t have starting positions. Chip was like, you all are third and second stringers and you all got to earn your positions. We like, what the hell you talking about? Like come on brother. You’ve got Pro Bowl players battling against practice squad players.”

Later during the interview, Vick said, “true story: That year, I’m laying in my hyperbaric chamber before a preseason game — I never told y’all this. I’m battling Nick Foles for a starting position. Now, I’ve been a starter for 12 years of my career. Now I’m in a battle, which I’m clearly winning. Nothing against Nick. Nothing but respect for him. We love him to death. I’m sitting in my hyperbaric chamber with tears coming out my eyes, crying, because I’m like I did everything I could for Chip Kelly.” [via USA TODAY]

Nevertheless, Vick did win the starting position that year before a season-ending injury. Foles ended up passing for 27 touchdowns and throwing only two interceptions to eventually clinch the playoffs.

Vick then started three games for the Jets the following year.

You can see the interview by Bleacher Report below via YouTube:

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