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Likely transactions the Philadelphia Eagles can make this offseason

Even after winning the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles need to make some roster changes to improve the team even more. There are some obvious and some non-obvious possible roster changes that can occur this offseason, as followed below.

  1. WR Torrey Smith. The Philadelphia Eagles are likely to release WR Torrey Smith. Torrey Smith has only had two touchdowns this regular season, and a little over 400 yards. This is not good for a starting wideout. His position this season, with Nelson Agholor and Alshon Jeffery had 20 combined touchdowns, and Torrey Smith accounts for just 10% of that. Mack Hollins get’s limited playing time compared to Smith, and still managed to get 50% of Smith’s touchdown count this season. Torrey Smith isn’t as efficient as most receivers in the market, draft, and Eagles’ backups. It’s time for him to go.
  2. DE Vinny Curry may be a goner. Most people don’t think of the idea of releasing Curry. But Curry this season got around three times as many snaps as his backup, Derek Barnett, and Barnett still managed to have almost twice as many sacks as Curry. Barnett is eight years younger and much more efficient.
  3. CB Jalen Mills. Although CB Jalen Mills has improved miraculously since last year, he still just isn’t as efficient enough as Sidney Jones, who account for about only ten NFL Stats. CB Sidney Jones not letting 3x Pro Bowl WR Dez Briant get open on a route on Jones’ first NFL defensive snap. He has sustained his beautiful form throughout that Cowboys-Eagles game as he did in college with Washington. It’s reasonable to replace Jalen Mills with Sidney Jones. Just think about it. But, he is still really young…and cheap, LOL.
  4. TE Brent Celek. If the Eagles resign Trey Burton, and have him as well as Zach Ertz and Billy Brown or Adam Zaruba, Brent Celek is gone. Brent Celek is turning 34 years old this year, he’s just to old. He managed to hold onto just one touchdowns the past two years. Just not efficient enough.

If the Philadelphia Eagles release all of the above players they would save about $19 million in cap room. Putting them about $10 million on the plus side.

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