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Jarvis Landry or Sammy Watkins have potential of landing on Philadelphia Eagles roster this offseason

With the expected departure of Philadelphia Eagles WR Torrey Smith, the team needs a fill-in for him. Torrey Smith is under contract through the 2019 NFL Season, but he battled many drops this season catching just 54% of his targets, and had only had two touchdowns. Some people have suggested Mack Hollins who backed up Smith himself this past season. Hollins had only one touchdown this past season, but it was his rookie season, and it was a 60+ yard touchdown thrown by QB Carson Wentz, he also caught an amazing 72% of his targets.

Some people have suggested free-agents such as Sammy Watkins. Watkins was selected out of Clemson as a 4th overall round pick by the Buffalo Bills. He is now a member of the Los Angeles Rams and had a total of eight touchdowns this year. He now ended his 2017 season with a whopping 25 total touchdowns in the span of just four years!

This offseason he is now entering free-agency once again. This is a big opportunity for many teams in need of a wide receiver, including World Champions the Philadelphia Eagles. If the Eagles target him during this offseason, they will need to make some drastic changes to free up some cap space. Which could mean getting rid of DE Vinny Curry whom had less sacks then Derek Barnett who backed him up this past 13-3 season. Eagles also have the choice of releasing Torrey Smith to replace himself with Watkins. Then having Mack Hollins back Watkins up next year.

Sammy Watkins would be a big step and improvement for the Eagles passing game next season, and have more receivers for Carson Wentz to rely on, as well as WR Nelson Agholor and Alshon Jeffery. On top of that, the speedy WR is cheap, LOL, and only 24 years old.

On the other hand, WR Jarvis Landry is also a candidate to substitute for the expected departure of Torrey Smith. Jarvis Landry is also a young talented wide receiver.

The 25 year old currently has a career total of 22 touchdowns all while on the Dolphins down in Miami. Landy is now entering free-agency this offseason, the Eagles took away Landry’s teammate just before the trade-deadline, Jay Ajayi – so there could be a connection there.

This past season, Landry had an amazing nine touchdowns. Just like Sammy Watkins, he is young, cheap; only costed the Dolphins a little under $4 million in the course of three years. He is also a big plus if you score him in the offseason. Don’t get too excited though, Eagles may not even dump Torrey Smith in the 1st place! But…

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