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If Eagles lose to the Rams, they will rank down to a Wild Card Spot (in playoff picture)

The 10-2 Eagles will be facing the 9-3 Rams. This is probably the Eagles most important game of the season. First of all, despite the Eagles bad loss to the Seahawks, Eagles will get another chance to prove they are actually a good team. Second of all, this game will decide the 2nd seed in the playoff picture.

The Eagles are currently 10-2. The Rams are currently 9-3. If the Rams beat the Eagles, Eagles will go 10-3 as well as the Rams. So they will be tied. But since the Rams beat the Eagles, the Rams have a tie-breaker over the Eagles. This would push Eagles down to the 3rd seed in the playoff picture.

But positively wise, if Eagles win and the 10-2 Vikings lose to the 8-4 Panthers, the Eagles will take the 1st seed again in the NFC because the Vikings will go to 10-3 and the Eagles will go to 11-2.

A win for the Eagles would also mean they are No. 1 in the NFL because they have a tie breaker over the 10-2 Patriots and 10-2 Steelers whom lead the AFC.

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